The Latest Information Updates


On February 22, 2022 the Protect Our Girls PAC filed paperwork with the Secretary of State of Nevada. This is an effort to restore parental rights through two statutory initiatives –Protect Our Girls (S-03-2022) and Protect Our Kids (S-04-2022).

Protect Our Girls Initiative is a one parent notification with judicial bypass for underage girls (under 18) seeking an abortion.

Protect Our Kids Initiative modifies current parents’ rights statutory law to include parental right to medical records and parental consent for healthcare (mental and physical) decisions for all children under 18.

The statutory initiative process forces the legislature to vote up or down once 141K verified registered Nevada voters sign the official citizen initiatives. The deadline for both is mid-November. If the legislature enacts the measures as written, it becomes law. If they don’t, it immediately goes on the 2024 general ballot.
We are currently planning for a statewide push through Nevada’s churches and parents’ groups. We are looking for connectors and signature chairs in each county, club and as many of our Nevada churches as possible. Please email [email protected] to volunteer!

Additionally, we have engaged a professional canvassing business. This will be in addition to volunteer efforts. Volunteers who gather signatures will be able to verify, notarize, and deposit petitions with this business.

Together we can protect our girls, protect our kids, and restore parental rights. Let’s let parents parent, so kids can be kids!