About Our Initiative

In Nevada, a girl as young as 9 can get an abortion without a parent knowing. This has been the case since 1985. Additionally, parental rights are eroding rapidly across the nation. Bureaucrats and ideologues are usurping the rights and responsibilities of parents.

It's time to protect our kids!

Protect Our Girls Initiative (S-03-2022) is a one parent notification with judicial bypass for underage girls (under 18) seeking an abortion.

Protect Our Kids Initiative
(S-04-2022)modifies current parents’ rights statutory law to include parental right to medical records and parental consent for healthcare (mental and physical) decisions for all children under 18.

Nevada legislators have failed stand for kids—but fortunately, our state constitution allows us to act. If we can collect 141,000 signatures, we can force the legislature to remedy this problem or put it to a public vote.

Over 70% of Nevadans agree with these commonsense laws and want their parental rights and responsibilities restored. Without this initiative, our daughters—no matter their age—can receive a secret abortion, without their parents knowing. Let's protect parental rights and responsibilities over all healthcare decisions.

31 states provide protection for kids and their parents. It is time for Nevada to join them. Planned Parenthood is fighting commonsense protections for young kids and their parents. It is time to stop them.